Announcing the 2024 Emerging Leaders Cohort

The Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation is delighted to announce the selection of 20 exceptional young Cameroonians for the 2024 Emerging Leaders Program. This cohort represents a diverse group of talented individuals under 35 who have demonstrated remarkable leadership skills and a strong commitment to driving positive change in Cameroon. Selected from a competitive pool of applicants, these emerging leaders have shown experience in team leadership, a deep understanding of Cameroon’s history and geopolitical complexity, and a proven track record in community engagement.

Addelaide Ndilimde Rachida

Addelaide is a dedicated sociologist currently pursuing a Master's degree in urban and rural sociology. With extensive experience in community health, emergency response, and social activism, she has held various roles including president of HUCOA and peace ambassador for SAJEFCO. Addelaide is proficient in multiple languages and skilled in ICT, making significant contributions to community development and youth empowerment initiatives.

Adeline MarieTsopgni Yemfack

Adeline Marie is a 24-year-old Cameroonian who has been involved in human rights defense, particularly for women and girls, for six years. Active in youth movements and promoting women leadership, she was the first female president of the University of Dschang's debate and leadership club, and has advocated for young women in leadership roles. Now president of the Cameroon Debate Association, Adeline founded the HER_IMPACT movement to promote civic and political participation of women and youth. Awarded Young Woman of Impact in Menoua in 2023, she is determined to create a positive impact for her community and Cameroon.

Amadou Fadil

Amadou Fadil, from Maroua, Cameroon, is pursuing dual Master's degrees in Business Administration and Bilingual Letters with a focus on entrepreneurship and leadership. In 2024, he was honored as High Commissioner for a Day at the British High Commission, demonstrating his ability to excel under pressure. Leading RAEES's Entrepreneurship Department, he drives innovation and growth, leveraging expertise in business administration and bilingual communication.

Anissa Yambé

Anissa Yambé is an author, web writer, and independent consultant specializing in management and corporate strategy. With a diverse background in management and a passion for education and personal development, she was honored in 2023 as a US Alumni (cohort 1) of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) Cameroon and recognized as a valued author for the NGO Right for Education Africa.

Caltime Abdurahaman

Caltime Abdurahaman is a dedicated student at the University of Bamenda, pursuing a master's in International Relations and Strategic Studies. From the North West Region, she is deeply committed to fostering peace and positive change. Actively involved in civil society, Caltime focuses on conflict resolution, community dialogue, and social cohesion to unite her community. She advocates for peace and understanding, aiming to inspire collective action for a harmonious future.

Clarisse Nzeuchieu

Clarisse Nzeuchieu was born on September 24, 1994, in FOTO, a locality in the Dschang subdivision of the Ménoua Division, in the West Region of Cameroon. Holding a Ph.D. in Economic and Social History, Clarisse is an aspiring author passionate about gender history. She works as an independent researcher and is also an Agripreneur.

Davy Gaël Djomeni

Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, and writing, Davy is the founder of "Strateg Management Consulting" and the author of several books and scientific articles on management and entrepreneurship. He aspires to be a committed actor and impactful leader, contributing to the positive transformation of Africa and Cameroon.

Erica Audrey Kuissi Takedjo

Erica is a climate and human rights advocate with nearly 4 years of experience working with environmental and human rights organizations, as well as youth mobilization. She campaigns for a world that leaves no one behind through effective communication.

Fabien Maxime Bivina Mvomdo

Fabien, a 24-year-old Cameroonian, is an active member and Delegate of the Center Region in a network of young people living with HIV. His commitment began in response to the challenges faced by young people, and his leadership has been shaped by advocating for the respect of their sexual and reproductive health rights. Maxime aims to enhance his abilities in this field and looks forward to the Emerging Leader training to help achieve this goal.

Fadimatou Djaouro Dairou

Fadimatou, a leading activist from Northern Cameroon, advocates for the rights of vulnerable people, girls, and women. With 6 years' experience in community service, she facilitates the "Plan for Girls" project in Ngong, supported by Plan Cameroon and implemented by the association "Femmes Porteuses d'Espoir". Fadimatou is also a founding member of the "Vie et Espoir" association.

Graphlain Wobyeb

Wobyeb Graphlain, a youth leader from Bamenda, Cameroon, is studying Computer and Mining Engineering at the University of Bamenda. Skilled in graphic design, website development, and cyber security, he has led projects educating over 300 youth on civic engagement and internet safety. Wobyeb is passionate about creating opportunities, promoting education and peace, and advocating for the rights of the underprivileged.

Hussaina Fadimatou Abdou

Hussaina Fadimatou is a dedicated youth with expertise in GBV prevention, Peace Building, and SRHR education. She drives positive change through impactful community initiatives for marginalized groups' empowerment, and is committed to collaborative efforts in promoting social well-being and lasting change.

Karamoko Souleymane

A young entrepreneur and political leader with extensive experience in organizational management. Passionate about good governance and democracy, Karamoko Souleymane is also an economist known for promoting active youth citizenship. He founded multiple agricultural enterprises and serves as CEO of SOCECAM (Société Céréalière du Cameroun).

Marius Tachom Kengne

Marius Tachom is a young professional specializing in sustainable agriculture, environmental management, and rural development. With extensive experience collaborating with diverse organizations, he promotes resilient and environmentally friendly practices. His contributions to ecosystem defense and restoration highlight his strong commitment to environmental sustainability and socio-economic resilience.

Mohamed Njoya Pefensie

Mohamed is a passionate advocate for community empowerment and sustainable development in Cameroon. He founded an organization dedicated to promoting education and environmental conservation, and has been actively involved in initiatives fostering youth leadership, civic engagement, peace and entrepreneurship.

Ndzibobi Dickson

Dickson is a public and reproductive health specialist with five years of experience in humanitarian settings. As the CEO of Family Health Solutions Organization, he has led comprehensive sexual education initiatives, reaching over 500 youths and collaborating with 60 stakeholders to enhance community health.

Ngum Epiphania Keming

Ngum Epiphania is an experienced ICT and Computer Science teacher, part-time lecturer, and leadership coach, dedicated to fostering technological proficiency and leadership skills in his students.

Oumar Ahmat Kamsouloum

Oumar is a dedicated young leader with a degree in auditing and management control. Passionate about peace and security in his region, he is committed to contributing to positive and sustainable change in his community. With his vision, drive, and commitment, Oumar aspires to become a recognized leader in his field, inspiring other youth to get involved and become agents of transformative change.

Pajesse Boris Kendjio Nzogning

Pajesse Kendjio, a doctoral candidate in law and holder of a professional Master's degree in human rights, is a junior expert in gender and social inclusion at the African Development Bank. He is also an activist and fervent defender of justice, peace, social cohesion, and human rights. Committed to defending human rights through various civil society organizations, Pajesse dedicates his research and actions to promoting social justice, equality, and solidarity.

Paul Russel Franck Etoundi Ateba

Franck Russel Ateba is not a consumer. He is a producer of ideas, convictions, commitments, and solidarity. He chairs the Consortium for Nature Environment and Sustainable Development (CNEDD) daily and is responsible for international and decentralized cooperation in the City of Kribi.

Our Facilitators

Dr. Denis Foretia

Dr. Foretia is Co-Chair of the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation and Executive Chairman of the Nkafu Policy Institute, a leading Cameroonian think tank. Along with co-chair Lenora Ebule, he shapes and approves strategy, advocates for the foundation, and helps set the overall direction. He is also the Chairman of Merckshire LLC, an international holding company with operations in the US and Cameroon. A surgeon by training, Foretia has always been involved in philanthropic activities and issues related to international development. He is currently the President of the Association of Cameroonian Physicians in the Americas (ACPA). He is also the Co-Founder and pioneer president of the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) – the premier institution for Cameroonian professionals in the US focused on advancing economic opportunity and leadership development among Cameroonians.

As the former Executive Co-chair of the Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance, he helped spearhead major community service-oriented and leadership-driven projects geared towards uplifting inner-city children in the Greater Nashville area. His leadership as National President of the Cameroon Students Association (CAMSA-USA) saw a paradigm shift towards positive intellectual discourse and the development of philanthropic projects that solidified CAMSA’s standing in the community as the premier student organization in the diaspora. Denis remains very involved with helping young Cameroonians transition into professional institutions and advance in their professional careers. He has been recognized with multiple academic and professional awards such as the Vanderbilt Deans Scholarship, the Overall Fellowship, the Community service award from CAMSA.

Foretia is faculty in the department of surgery at Johns Hopkins University and staff acute care surgeon at Lifebridge Health in Baltimore. He is also an Associate in the department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. He holds a Bachelor’s degree with honors in Biological Sciences from the University of Maryland Baltimore County, a Doctor of Medicine degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Nashville, Tennessee. He completed his surgical residency training at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta where he was also a Global Health Research Scholar. Denis holds a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Bloomberg School of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Carey School of Business also at the Johns Hopkins University. The Foretias enjoy traveling and are blessed with a daughter, Gélan and a son, Baiden.

Dr. Jean Cedric Kouam

Jean Cedric Kouam is the Director of Economics Affairs Division and the Head of Fiscal and Monetary Policy Sub-section at the Nkafu policy Institute. He holds a doctorate in economic policy and analysis (monetary and financial macroeconomics) from the University of Dschang in Cameroon. Since obtaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics at the University of Yaoundé II in 2012, he has provided courses in economics, finance, and macroeconomic modeling in several private higher schools in Cameroon. Member of various groups of researchers and laboratories in Cameroon and abroad, his research interests relate to the economic development of Africa, the economic resilience of States, the effectiveness of cyclical and structural policies, the policy mix of the monetary union, and sustainable development.

Former Fellow of the French Government (Doctoral research grant), he has been invited several times to the University of Poitiers in France (Centre de Recherche sur l’Intégration Economique-CRIEF) as well as international conferences of the Canadian Society for Economics in Canada (SCSE). In addition, Dr. Kouam has carried out research stays at the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) where he is currently engaged in numerous research works with executives. He is actively following online training provided by the Institute for Capacity Building of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) of which he holds a certificate in Viability and Public Debt Management in Low-Income Countries.

Bruno Ittia Achuo

Bruno brings over 8 years of experience in spearheading strategic communications, leading high-performing teams, and driving impactful initiatives. He has successfully coordinated and executed communications strategies and plans, produced innovative materials, and developed diverse program content. His expertise extends to efficiently managing the publication and dissemination of knowledge products across traditional and digital channels.

In his previous role as Chief Operating Officer and Communications Manager at Bridge Africa Ventures, Bruno led the development of the award-winning platform. Under his leadership, over 1,250 businesses were successfully onboarded through targeted digital and traditional campaigns. He equally championed the creation of training programs in digital literacy and business development, positively impacting over 1,000 women and youth in Cameroon.

Bruno has also served as journalist, and freelancer for a number of organizations. His strategic approach has led to successful partnerships with government agencies, the UN, and other multilateral institutions, emphasizing the transformative role of technology in improving lives across Africa.

Possessing a Master’s Degree in International Relations and a B.Sc. In Journalism and Mass Communication, Bruno combines robust experience with demonstrated leadership, positioning him to drive transformative communications initiatives at the Foundation.

Pr. William H. Arrey

Dr. William Hermann Arrey is a Senior Fellow in Peace & Security /Governance & Democracy Policy Sections, Nkafu Policy Institute and Advisor to the Board. Prior to this, he served as interim CEO of the Foretia Foundation and Research & Policy Fellow with the Nkafu Policy Institute. He is also currently the Head of the Department of Peace and Development Studies at the Protestant University in Cameroon based in Yaoundé

Dr. Arrey brings a wealth of experience and senior leadership to the Foundation. He obtained his PhD in Peace and International Development Studies from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom; a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) from the University of Tromso, Norway and a Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Anthropology from the University of Buea. He has published in many peer-reviewed journals and has written extensively on local governments, peace building and conflict transformation. He travels frequently for talks, lectures and presentations.

Anthony Antem

Antem Anthony is a Head of Conflict Prevention, and Analysis Unit at the Foretia Foundation. Prior to joining the Foundation, he served as conflict, policy and security assistant at the International Crisis Group, Kenya. He has equally served as political and communications intern at the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office/British High Commission in Yaoundé. Added to these, He has served as policy analyst for African Affairs at the African Online and Publications Library (AOPL).

Anthony is a certified administrative and operations professional from the United Nations University for Peace and the Pan African Institute for Development, West Africa (PAID-WA). He is currently finalizing a Professional Master’s Degree in International Relations/Disputes from the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Law from the University of Yaoundé II, Soa.

Dr Pippie Hugues

Dr. Pippie Hugues is a Policy Analyst at the Governance and Democracy Division of the Nkafu Policy Institute. He holds a Ph.D. in International Law with specialty in Human Rights, Conflict and Peace building. He equally holds a Masters in Law and Logic (LLM) and another Masters in International Human Rights Law all from the University of Buea. Additionally, he holds an Advance Certificate in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from the Peace and Justice Center of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC), and an Executive Diploma in Disaster Risk Management. 

His Research interest includes Governance, Democracy, Human Rights, Peace building and Conflict. Prior to his role as policy analyst, Dr. Pippie Hugues is a visiting lecturer at the United Nations Mandated University for Peace in Mogadishu Somalia where he handles Masters programs on International Law and Human Rights, Peace, Governance and Development. 

Dr. Pippie Hugues is a seasoned researcher with published articles in peered review journals across the globe.