Bertrand Betseto Bobeto

Emerging Leader

President, DOWAYO Student Youths Association

Betseto Bobeto Bertrand is the President of the DOWAYO Student Youths Association, a young movement raising awareness on culture, promotion of culture and inclusion of youths in cultural practices. He is a 2017 Mandela Washington fellow and has taken up lots of leadership roles in the past. He was the Deputy General Rapporteur at the National Symposium of Youth Leaders of Political Parties and Social Society Organizations Cameroon organized to consolidate Peace during the electoral periods in 2018. He also served as mentor during the “My YALI Family Holiday” Camp, and as a supervisor for reporters and other media personnel at the Protestant Chaplaincy in the University of Ngaoundere.

Betrand holds a degree in Public Law and Political Science; and a Masters in Political Science / Electoral Sociology from the University of Ngaoundere.

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