Maimounatou Youssoufa

Maimounatou Youssoufa is Coordinator of the project "Multisectoral care for survivors of gender-based violence and improvement of the protection of women and girls in the Far North of Cameroon" Association de Lutte contre les Violences

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Wise Nzikie Ngasa

Wise Nzikie Ngasa is a results oriented, International Development professional with over 10 years’ experience and a proven track record in programs management, education, health, human rights, good governance promotion, social entrepreneurship, proposal development, NGO

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Tsikam Mba Cyrille

Tsikam Mba Cyrille is skilled in data collection and analysis. He has experience in leading projects, including budget management, reporting withproven demonstration of deep commitment to positive social changes through active participation in real world

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Sirri Cynthia Wakuna Ngang

Sirri Cynthia Wakuna Ngang is the Program Director at Mother of Hope Cameroon; an NGO that promotes, empowers, advocates for the rights of women and youths in building sustainable peace and development in homes, schools

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Sakah Bernard Nsaidzedze

Sakah Bernard Nsaidzedze is a passionate and devoted researcher, social entrepreneur and human rights activist. He is the Managing Director of Big Steps Outreach Network Cameroon; an organization committed to fostering among other core programmes:

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Ouambo Ouambo Joselin Paulin

Joselin Paulin Ouambo Ouambo is a volunteer with the CAMEROON O'BOSSO association, which aims to help Cameroonians identify their economic, social and political rights and interests; helps them define the actions to be taken to

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Njifon Njoya Hassan, PhD

Hassan NJIFON NJOYA is a Researcher at the Centre de Recherche d’Etudes Politiques et Stratégiques (CREPS), University of Yaoundé II-Soa, where he conducts policy oriented research in geopolitics, defence, security and conflict resolution. He writes

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Mveng Mengue Caroline Ignace

Mveng Mengue Caroline Ignace is the Head of Mission of “Association des Refugies Sans Frontieres, an association concerned with refugees in Cameroon. She started out as an Intern in 2012 for the Association and later

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Mugob Helene

Helene Mugob is the founder and executive director of Virtuous Women International, an organization with a mission to promote personal and cultural transformation by training, equipping and empowering the women with values and principles that

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Marius Yannick Binyou Bi Homb

Marius Yannick Binyou Bi Homb is the founder of Africa GAWLO, an internationally recognized transmedia program (Belgium, USA) for the promotion of reading practices and book consumption in sub-Saharan Africa. Named in 2009 "Young Ambassador"

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