Internally Displaced Persons and host communities in the Douala 4 municipality were on Friday, May 14 2021, empowered on Peace and security issues by five of our 2020 Emerging Leaders.

Emerging Leaders 2020 – Group 3 organised a seminar on the theme “Empowering IDP’s And The Host Communities To Promote Peace And Security In Their Communities In The Douala 4 Municipality

Bonaberi being the gateway to Douala, harbors the majority of the IDPs and refugees. With the theory of culture contact – culture conflict, there has been a lack of social cohesion between the IDPs and the host communities. Furthermore, due to a lack of job opportunities and other social activities to occupy the IDPS, many have resorted to criminality and illegal activities for survival. Grappling with the restoration of peace and security in that area, there is the need to Empowering IDP’s and the Host Communities to Restore Peace and Security in their communities.